We are capable, creative, caring creatures who can and want to get involved and shape the world we live for the better if the conditions are in place for us to do so. 

Bland Land is my attempt to address that — for me. 

As a creative director i've helped shape and ship brands you'll love and undoubtedly a few you hate. One benefit of working on a global stage, is working on a global stage. It can (at times) become work that moves away from work that got you here. 

So i've taken steps back to remember the work that got me here. 

This snapshot (taken circa 2005) captures early hustle. A1 portfolios & art market stalls trying to convince anyone to give me a break. The internet is littered with gems. When launching HigginsonHurst (an illustration agency, around 2010) I had some of the most formative experiences any creative soul could hope for. 

Fast forward a couple of decades and suddenly I get to roll with some of the most exciting creative minds thinking & making brands today. 

Bland Land it space to remind me why I care so much, and give me somewhere to drop the many things I end up making, while trying to work out what to make. 

Some of it'll stay as an sketch and where it makes sense, i'll be setting up ways to help make anywhere, less bland. 

With love.